Criminal Justice Override Form
Dear CRJS students,

Please review the override policy below, if you feel that you meet the criteria of needing an override, be sure to fill out and submit the form below. Any questions regarding the form or the override policy can be directed to the undergraduate advising office at or by calling (804) 827-0790.

Please understand the program has restricted all CRJS classes with the exception of CRJS 181 to CRJS major and minors only to allow more flexibility for the CRJS students. There are some additional restrictions based on your declared concentration.

1. Which override requests will be considered? Criminal Justice overrides are ONLY considered if a student is graduating in that particular semester AND the course is required as part of your curriculum. No more than ONE class may be considered under this policy (3 credits total). If a course is closed that you believe you are required to take as part of your graduation requirements please complete the override form so that the advisors can (1) confirm that you would be eligible for graduation and (2) the course is required. (CRJS Electives are rarely considered as required.) If both conditions are met, the CRJS program will review for final approval.

2. What about credit restrictions? If a course has a credit restriction before you are eligible to register, an override will not be issued for that reason. You will need to wait until your credits have posted to register for that specific class.

3. When are overrides granted? The program cannot grant overrides until all student holds are removed.

4. What about class size? Even when a class is on-line or a hybrid course we treat class size the same. A virtual classroom does not mean a large class or an automatic override.

5. What about section changes? Do not request a section change for a course or request a preferred professor. Section change requests will not be granted unless extenuating circumstances exists. (*Additionally documentation may be required.)

6. What about Homeland Security classes? CRJS does not control the HSEP courses that are applicable as CRJS Electives (ie. HSEP 301, HSEP 302, HSEP 320 and HSEP 330). This means that the CRJS program will not authorize overrides for such courses. Instead you will need to contact the professor and/or Wilder School Advisors about an override.

7. What about specific section indicators? Any class that indicates a 099 or 098 section and OFCAMP is not available to Monroe Park campus students. Overrides will not be considered.

8. What if I withdraw or fail a class? If an override is provided to the student and the graduation status changes due to withdraw, failure of a course or any other situation, the Program and WS Advising office reserve the right to revoke the override.

9. What about non-majors? Requests for non-majors will not be considered until the week before classes begin. There must be seats available in the class.

10. What about minors? CRJS minor elective classes are limited to CRJS 300, 305, 324, 351, or HSEP 320. Overrides into other courses will not be considered unless extenuating circumstances exist. (*Additional documentation may be required.)

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By initialing below, I am certifying that all information provided in this form is true and abides by the CRJS override policy mentioned above.
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