Donation Request & Wish List for CARA
SECTION 1: CARA rules & procedures
Rescue Name (or Independent Carer) *
Rescue's State *
CARA donations are available to Rescue/Humane Societies, Veterinarians, Licensed Animal Rehabilitators and their Sub-Permittees ONLY. By agreeing to this section you confirm that you fit under one of these categories. CARA does not support or encourage private citizens attempting to rehabilitate wildlife on their own. Please acknowledge that you are one of the following *
Please provide us with your license number, EIN or 501c3 number, or the name of the rehabilitator you are sponsored by: *
I understand that CARA reserves the right to deny requests or withhold donations at any time if we feel the rescue/rehabilitator goes against our rules or standards and that rescues/rehabbers must be in good standing with their local DNR or appropriate agencies. Sub-permittees must have a licensed sponsor to receive donations or be in the process of receiving their license. *
I understand that CARA crafters are 100% volunteers that are working together to help as many rescues as they can. While we do try to raise funds to assist them, most times all costs of donations and shipping come out of their own pockets and are limited therefore we can not guarantee the quantity of donations a rescue may receive but we do our best to supply rescues with as much as we can. *
I understand that all donation requests should go through CARA administration and not individual crafters. We try our best to be fair and treat every request equally. When rescues privately reach out to crafters for specialized items it overrides our process and is not fair to the other rescues we assist. *
I understand that CARA members create items to order and that we cannot guarantee when you may receive a package or what it may include. We do our best to get items out to our rescues, but we do have numerous requests resulting in a longer wait period. *
I understand that I can change, add to, or remove items from my wish list at anytime by visiting the CARA website and using the "updated needs form" found on the Rescue page of the website. I can also email administration with any urgent need I may have at *
We require that all rescues have at least 1 representative (or their main page) join our discussion group. This helps us have a contact person/page to answer questions that may arise regarding your wish list. You can find the group at *
By joining CARA, members agree to uphold the goals of CARA. CARA conducts periodic reviews of member rescues to ensure rescues are supporting the CARA mission statement. On the rare occurrence where CARA has reason to believe a member is acting contrary to CARA goals, the member will be notified, warned, or suspended. *
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