Cap and Gown Biography
Please Complete by May.3rd (Friday), 2019

The following is your biography that will be printed next to your Cap and Gown photo in the 2019 Yearbook.
Please keep the following guidelines in mind.
If any of your responses are inappropriate your biography WILL NOT be included in the yearbook.

1. No obscene, foul, or inappropriate language.
2. No racist references.
3. No drug, alcohol, or sexual references.
4. No reference to out of school parties.
5. No inappropriate references to other students or teachers.
6. No use of acronyms (write out the words please).
7. No inventive spelling to get around inappropriate language.
8. No “inside jokes” as we don’t know the context.
9. No use of the word “stupid” or other inappropriate words.

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Lesson Learned
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Probable Fate
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Role Model
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