Teamworks Acton Summer Camp Staff Application 2020
Dear Potential Summer Camp Staff,

Thank you for your interest in working at TEAMWORKS Summer Camp. This summer will be our 23rd summer season full of memories, friendships, fun, and opportunities for growth and discovery. Our summer camp has grown extremely fast over the years, and is known for our exceptional counselors.

TEAMWORKS is in the process of hiring top quality summer staff right now and will be hiring counselors from local high schools, colleges, and other professional educators. Our goal is to find applicants that truly enjoy spending time with children, forming friendships with them, and impacting their lives.

Working at summer camp is a fun, enriching, and a memorable way to spend your time developing relationships that last a lifetime. The skills you will learn and develop at camp are extremely valuable assets that will last for the rest of your life. Leadership, working as a team, responsibility, and accountability are all important qualities that many colleges and jobs are looking to see in their applicants, and all of these are developed and enhanced in our summer camp setting.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our camp staff, please fully complete the attached application. Once completed, please return your application to the e-mail address listed below or drop it off in person at Teamworks. We will start reviewing applications and calling people in for interviews at the beginning of February. If we choose to bring you onto our camp staff, we will need you to be available for our staff trainings which take place in the beginning of June.

Thank you for your interest in Teamworks Summer Camp, we look forward to meeting all of you soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 978-287-5533.


Sarah Mallard
Marissa Temple
Camp Directors
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