Berthoud Community Library
Library Master Plan Questionnaire 2019
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Do You Live In Berthoud?
If You Are A Resident, How Long Have You Been Here?
Are You A Current Library User?
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Please Tell Us About How You Use The Library: (Check All That Apply)
Which Classes/Events Have You, Or Your Family, Attended At The Library? (Check All That Apply)
Tells Us About Classes/Events That You Would Like To See Offered At The Library:
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Would You Be Interested In Space Dedicated To The Following? (Check All That Apply)
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Ample Parking
Proximity To Downtown
Proximity To Schools
Proximity To Community or Recreation Center
Proximity To Bus Routes
Accessibility to I-25
Accessibility to HWY 287
Walkable For Children
Bike Access
Outdoor Space
Extended Opening Hours
Natural Light
Single Story Building
Use of Renewable Energy and Efficient Design
Space for Formal Education Classes/Events
Space for Library Classes/Events
Children's Library
Space for Children's Classes/Events
Indoor Children's Play Area
Outdoor Children's Play Area
Outdoor Classroom
Small Meeting Space
Large Meeting Space
Quiet Study / Testing Space
Expanded Young Adult Space
How Would You Benefit From A New Library?
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