FreezerBurn Nominations: 2023 Cycle
FreezerBurn is powered by volunteers—volunteers like you! The event is organized by a non-profit organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors, volunteer leaders (called Area Facilitators and Leads), and hundreds of other volunteers. No one makes money off this event.
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We're now seeking nominations for...

Board Member Understudy
- As part of the Art Community Builders Board, help be responsible for all operations of our event and help nurture and grow our community.
- This may not be the job you think it is. The work is year-round and largely behind the scenes. (We'll explain more about the role and our philosophy of how we approach the gig when we chat with candidates!)
- Must be able to attend weekly meetings and work long on-site shifts.
- Experience with volunteer and project management is helpful. A background in helping run other nonprofit or arts organizations or projects would make someone a great fit but is not required.
- This will be a mutual try-out phase with the potential of moving to full Board role post-event.

City Managers
- Working closely with Board Members and the on-site leadership team, help oversee all the working parts of the event and the city.
- Former board members and current and former volunteer leaders from regional burns are the best fit for this position.
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