This is Natural Capital 2018
We need you, the natural capital community, to help us to understand the progress and status of natural capital thinking in 2018. How far we have come since the Protocol was launched? What are the emerging trends? And what still needs to be done?

Your input will help inform the Coalition’s strategy for the year ahead and is vital in ensuring continued momentum. Conclusions and next steps will be discussed at length during the Natural Capital Week in Paris, 26-30th November. Save the date, more info to follow!

As always, the more views represented, the stronger the joint outcome. Please respond to the questions below, and then share it with your colleagues, superiors, friends and - most importantly – those you’ve never spoken to!

Thank you.

1. Has your organization ever been involved in conducting a natural capital assessment *
2. If 'Yes' has it informed one or more decisions? *
3. If a decision was informed please give details (please provide a link to any material if publicly available)
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4. If it has not yet informed a decision, why not?
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5. If you work for a business, to what extent are natural capital assessments incorporated into the organization's strategy?
6. If you have carried out or supported an assessment, what tools, guidance or framework did you use? (e.g. Natural Capital Protocol and associated products, economic valuation tool, in-house bespoke developed tool, etc.)
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7. Which of the following is driving your organization's, or clients' interest in including natural capital in decision-making? Please select up to 3. *
8. What do you think are the greatest current barriers to your organization adopting a natural capital approach? Please select up to 3. *
9. Do you think government and policy has a role in creating an enabling environment for natural capital thinking? If so, what enabling activities would you like to see (e.g. supportive legal or policy frameworks)?
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10. Many companies are now integrating natural capital with other capitals, like human or social. Has your organization carried out any of the following? *
11. The Natural Capital Coalition is a collaborative movement working to mainstream natural capital thinking. How do you feel the Coalition brings most value to you? Please select your top three. *
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