Survey for Solitary Confinement Caregivers
Hello, Citizens for Prison Reform, AFSC Michigan Criminal Justice Program, ACLU, MPAS, and MI-CEMI would like to hear about your experience working with and being exposed to those in Segregation (solitary confinement) or those who are Sensory and Socially Deprived. Thank you for the important work you do that exposes you to trauma and injustices.

We are aware this may cause re-traumatization and you may need to create space for extra self-care. Only participate if you feel emotionally in a space that it is healthy for you to do so.

If you could please share the most significant experiences or concerns you have for those you have watched over or cared for who experience solitary confinement, that would be very helpful in writing an issue brief to help change policy and laws in Michigan.

Please respond to these questions as you are willing and able:
What facilities have you worked at as a POA?
Do you currently still work as a POA?
Clear selection
Please describe the greatest concerns you have with the use of segregation.
How has this work and seeing people in solitary impacted your mental health directly?
Does the Department address your trauma and mental health in regards to this work?
Are you harassed or retaliated against if you try to advocate for those you are caring for?
If you could either change or replace segregation, would you? How would you change it?
Please share any examples or additional experiences you would like us to know about that might be useful in the issue brief.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Please contact 734-761-9796 for further questions. This number is on the universal pin, meaning you can call this number collect Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30.

In peace, Open MI Door Campaign members
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