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WSE is intended for students who are currently in Year 3 or Penultimate year from all schools. The eligibility criteria are as follows :

a) Have a strong interest in the Wholesale Trade and/or Maritime Sector.

b) Must not be in their last semester of studies when they are intending to do the internship.

c) Preference for students who have completed or will be enrolled in Trade Finance (FNC310) or Shipping Business (TRAD201).

d) Must have good academic standing (not under academic probation or academic notice).

e) Must have no prior disciplinary records.

*Students will be assessed on their suitability prior to enrolment for the WSE.
** There is a minimum number of at least 20 confirmed students for the WSE to proceed
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Did you meet the eligibility criteria to sign up for the WSE? Please read the guidelines AND FAQs of the Wholesale Trade and Maritime Work-Study Elective on our website to ensure your eligibility before applying. Please tick the applicable boxes that you have met the criteria.             *
Declaration of Undertaking: I am aware of the WSE eligibility criteria above and also undertake to inform International Trading Institute early if I am unable to commit for the WSE period due to any reason (e.g. travels, school, army reservist, etc.). *
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