Rootwire Ceremonial Center Workshop & Yoga Presenter at Rootwire 2018
Applications for Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival 2018 are now CLOSED. (2/18/2018)

Applications for Massage practitioners and Body-Healing arts are still open and available at

Applications that have already been submitted are still being reviewed and final determinations will be made by March 10th, 2018.

We really hope you join us at Rootwire this year for all of the AMAZING workshops, Free Healing Tent, Art Oasis Tent, Art Gallery and top notch music...all blended together with the best community around! Come be part of the Rootwire Family!

Our Ceremonial Center is the Spiritual core of our Festival and provides the thread that weaves through every aspect of our community.
Each year we are honored to have an extremely diverse array of Presenters and Teachers at Rootwire. We offer workshops, meditations, presentations, interactive classes and healing sessions available for free to anyone at the festival. Our Presenters are passionate and educated within their subjects and bring a level of integrity that is almost unheard of in the Festival circuit. Some of the general subjects that our workshops have covered are holistic health, environmental conservation, integrative healing, sound healing, visionary leadership, spirituality, ceremonialism, sustainable living and cultures, yoga, qi gong, movement for expansion, social awareness and growth, and many more.
This year’s Ceremonial Center is committed to maintaining that safe container for personal and community expansion and co-creation while furthering each person’s ability to expand into the greatest version of themselves that they can be. To assist in that mission, we have created spaces suitable to community gathering, small intentional spaces to gather and learn and a dedicated Healing Area where we offer an array of healing/expansion modalities. There will be approximately four professional practitioners on staff for almost eight hours each day, offering session to everyone for FREE! The Practitioners are trained in modalities such as Massage, body work, Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral, Reflexology, Chiropractic, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Sound healing, Vocal toning, Solfeggio tuning sessions (and other tuning fork modalities), drumming, didgeridoo, Singing Bowl sessions, Crystal healing sessions and much more. We believe that by GIVING to one another, we can create an environment that promotes greater self-love, community sharing and general well Being for all involved. They can then share the best of themselves and what they each have to offer with others in the community.
We welcome and encourage each person who attends to bring whatever inspires them to Rootwire and be an inspiration to everyone!
We hope to see you at Rootwire this year!

Julie North Ceremonial Center Director Rootwire 2018
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