Epic at OSU Intern Application
Please submit your application by April 11 to be considered for this role.
Briefly share your testimony.
What has God been teaching you or doing in your life recently?
Why are you interested in being an Epic intern next year?
What strengths or spiritual gifts do you have that would make you a valuable member of our Epic staff team?
Describe your teamwork and communication styles.
In general, Epic interns spend most of their time doing these things: meet with students to provide spiritual counsel, share the Gospel with students who aren’t Christians, disciple students weekly, and plan/execute retreats and events. Which task(s) makes you excited to do? Which task(s) makes you hesitant?
Imagine you are talking to a freshman over coffee. They express interest in hearing the Gospel (they’ve never heard it before). What would you say?
Describe a recent time (or the most recent time) you shared the Gospel with someone (ex. who/how did you know the person), when, what did you share, how did the person respond, etc).
We want to make sure our interns know what the Bible says about different areas of life. What does the Bible say about alcohol and drinking?
Do you live according to the Bible in this area? Explain.
What does the Bible say about sex and pornography?
Do you live according to the Bible in this area? Explain.
Is there anything you would like staff to know? Do you have any questions?
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