Outreach Program
Somebody very wise recently reminded me it (this writing thing I do) is not about sales, it's about loving people.
There are a ton of places high on people and short on funds. Let's find some and bless them together.

People may think that they can't help because they're on a fixed income, but kindness doesn't always have to cost. Thinking of someone is more than half the battle. I need your help because I don't have the connections you do.

How it works:
In the survey...
1. You tell me of an opportunity (is it a private school, a public school, a hospital, a church, a prison, a rehab facility, a halfway house, an orphanage, a foster home, a library, a family, you, etc?)
2. You find a contact person at this place. See if they want/will take the book(s). This is important because a lot of institutions have rules about what and how to donate. (Contact can totally be you...might have more power coming from you).
3. The fun part - choose which paperback book(s) you'd like sent.
4. You give me a valid US mailing address for the place. This can be your address if you're the point person or the place itself as long as they know it's coming. (I would like to open this program internationally eventually, but I should probably start small and see what happens.)

My part:
5. I mail you/the place the selected book(s).

Your part:
6. You deliver the goods or at least the good news that it's in the mail :-)

Here is the link to my amazon page where you can browse titles.

Note: Not everything is available as a paperback. Off the top of my head here's what's available:
Devya’s Children Series (YA Science Fiction):
The Dark Side of Science (Book 0) prequel
Ashlynn’s Dreams (Book 1)
Nadia’s Tears (Book 2)
Malia’s Miracles (Book 3)
Varick’s Quest (Book 4)

Heartfelt Cases Series (Christian Mystery):
The Collins Case (Book 1) free novella
The Kiverson Case (Book 2)
The Davidson Case (Book 3)
The Keres Case (A Heartfelt Cases Novel)

Spirit's Bane (Fantasy)

Redeemer Chronicles (Fantasy):
Book 1: Awakening
Book 2: The Holy War

5 Steps to Surviving Chemistry
5 Steps to Surviving Teaching
5 Steps to Better Blurbs

Thin Black Road - Christian Inspirational Poetry

Authors looking to join please mail me clean books at:
P.O. Box 5265
Somerville, NJ 08876

Email address *
Full Name *
1. Tell me of the need (You can be as long or short as you'd like. I'd just like to know what kind of place I'm donating to: hospital, school, family, etc.) *
What's your connection to this person/place? (i.e. I attended this school, these are my friends; Google told me it existed...) *
2. Who will be the contact person? (I'm assuming you, but it could be you + a family member, a friend, etc) *
3. The fun part! What would you like donated? (feel free to check multiple boxes) *
Valid US Mailing address. Please note I will be using media mail so it can take a few days to get there. *
Let's say I could send you more than just a book, what would make your/their day? *
Is there anything else you think I should know?
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