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Welcome to the xgeeks community - Call for Collaboration form! This form is open to anyone interested in collaborating with xgeeks and its affiliated communities. Whether you're passionate about writing, giving talks or participating in livestreams, we invite you to share your expertise and ideas with us. 

Step into the spotlight with 5 exciting collaboration options:

🎤 Talks at Meetup Groups;
💡 Lightning Talks at Meetup Groups;
🎥 Livestream;
🗣️ Offline Talk;
✍️ Content Writing.

You can collaborate in one or several of these options that we provide. Please fill out the form below to express your interest and provide the necessary details. 

For more information about our content and the topics you can talk about, please visit our meetup pages, blog page and YouTube Channel here:

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If you have the idea on paper, please share it with us. If it's still in your head, take this opportunity to write a brief description. If you're not sure yet, no need to worry! We can discuss it further later and create something together. We are here to help.
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Please provide some additional information that you find relevant, such as other collaborations you've been a part of, experience in public speaking, a description of your intended collaboration, and even any special requirements you might have to collaborate with us. The floor is yours.

We're thrilled to extend an invitation for you to join our vibrant tech community! 🌐

Whether you're keen on giving presentations 🗣️, engaging in livestreams 🎥, or crafting captivating content ✍️, please choose any or all options that resonate with your skills and enthusiasm to participate! 🚀

We'll be in touch via email 📧 or scheduling a quick call to get better acquainted and to delve into fine details. Get set to leave your imprint with xgeeks 🚀

f you have any questions, reach out via our email:

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