SCL League of Legends Spring Tournament 2021
This is the sign up form for the Swedish Challengers League Spring League of Legends tournament for the year 2021! The very first official tournament of the SCL!

In order to qualify for this SCL tournament, your team must meet certain requirements which are the following:
- 60% of the team's players must be a student at either CTH or KTH (rounded up)
- There are no inappropriate team names and player aliases as deemed internally by the SCL officials
- Your team consists of at least 5 players
- Maximum of 3 substitute players (Meaning that 8 is the maximum number of people in a team)
- Each player's account is on region EUW
- Each player must own a minimum of 20 champions

Info and rules:

Final signup day is the 24th of January

The tournament is set to run through January 29th - 31st and February 6th and 7th
The schedule will be shared in the coming week before the tournament.
The schedule will be released with set times ranging from early afternoon throughout reasonable evening hours.
These times are not allowed to be changed!
The bracket will be randomized.
The tournament format is Best of One single elimination until the Semi where it will become a best of three single elimination.
Matches will run concurrently.
The matches that are streamed will be selected randomly.

All communication is done through the official Tournament Discord .
The team captain is responsible for relaying all information to admins but any player can ask questions.
Team captains should ask to be assigned the role Captain inside of #Captains.
Do not clutter channels that relay info with other spam.

All matches are run through tournament mode on Summoner's Rift inside of the League client.
If your match is not streamed you must contact your opponent through League and setup your own game.
Spectators are NOT allowed inside those games.
If your match is streamed then you will be contacted by an admin who will setup the lobby for you.
The flavor text that you can provide might be read on stream.

Since we allow substitutes you must post your lineup on the Discord server inside #Lineup together with your team name at least 30 minutes before your game begins to allow scouting.
Failing to do this will result in a penalty.

You must report the result of your game to an admin as late as 10 minutes after the game has ended.
Reporting the result must include a screenshot of the status screen after the game.
Teams have 30 minutes to contest the score before the match is considered done.

The prices for the winners are to be picked up at either Chalmers or KTH, time and date are to be discussed with the admins.

All forms of text harassments in all chat are forbidden.
Sexual, racial or any slur based on the identity of a player will result in an immediate disqualification.
SCL will work on a case by case basis to determine the severity and eventual punishment.
All claims of harassment MUST be backed by images.
All game mechanics and actions that are considered BM, such as emote spam, Lulu/Nunu/Teemo laughing, etc are not considered harassment and we would advise to mute that player in that instance.

SCL reserves all rights to update the rules, and announce it to the players, and to have a final say in any situation that might occur.
If you have questions, please contact any admin inside of the Discord Server.

Rules are also available in the Discord server.
Team Name *
Team Name Abbreviation/Nickname
If you want to provide the casters with a simpler name to use during streams and otherwise, state what name that is here. For example, 'Swedish Challengers League' is abbreviated and referred to as 'SCL'.
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