CoLab Art and Build Space Request
Thank you for your interest in Art or Build space at CoLab! Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. When reviewing applications for space use, CoLab takes into account dates, times of need, current capacity and adherence to our community mission.  If you need assistance or have questions, please reach out to and a CoLab manager will try to assist you with this form.
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Contact Name (first, last, and playa name if applicable) and Group Affiliation (if applicable.) *
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Date of Birth *
What areas of colab are you interested in using? *
Please estimate the amount of space needed (in square feet).  Remember that your space estimations need to include the space for your supplies as well as the actual build space.  We understand that your space needs will fluctuate during the course of your build.  Please estimate your space needs both halfway through your build and at the completion of your build. *
Will you be working alone or with a team? Please include an expected average number of team members on site for each build day.  (Please include co-lead name, if applicable) *
What days and times will you most likely be working at colab?  Please list three choices of days/times. *
Will you be working with hazardous materials?  If so, please describe. *
What types of equipment will you be using?  (We understand that this will vary as your project progresses.  Give it your best shot.) *
CoLab requires that all projects complete their LNT (Leave No Trace) PRIOR to leaving the site.  By checking below, you agree to clean CoLab to an acceptable state and remove all personal items at the end of your project. *
Please describe your project, including the name of your project, and a philosophy statement, if applicable. *
Can you provide a schematic or drawing of your project so we can get a better sense of what it is? *
Why have you chosen CoLab over other spaces to build your project? *
CoLab is a community based space.  How do you envision your participation in the colab community outside of your own project? *
Have you already discussed with CoLab staff? If so, who did you speak with?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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