Frugal Friends Debt Free Stories Pre Screen

Did you use a credit card responsibly while paying off debt? Sweet! Did you finance a car while paying off credit card debt? We're cool with it! Did you pay of high-interest credit card debt but still have low-interest student loan debt? Let's celebrate!

Our Debt Free Stories series is here to celebrate you and inspire others without the restrictive requirements of other debt free screams. 

We do have some requirements though, just to ensure we share the most motivational stories possible:
  • Total household income must be below $144K for single person and $214k for couple
  • If you chose to pay off some of your debt but not all of it, all remaining non-mortgage debt must be under 5% APR 
If that sounds like you then fill out this short pre screen and we'll get back to you to schedule a time to celebrate!

*Note that if selected, our team will reach out to you with information on scheduling a 15 minute video interview via Zoom. These interviews take place on select dates Tue-Fri from 12-3:30pm EST. Due to the volume of applications we've received we are unable to accommodate interviews outside of this time block.
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How much total debt did you pay off?
What kind of debt (student loan, credit card, car loan, etc.)?
How long did it take you to pay off your debt?
Do you have any other debt? If so, what's the amount and interest rate(s) and tell us why have you chosen to not pay it off?
What was your total household income when you started paying off debt?
What was your total household income when you finished paying off debt?
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