Wellness Initiative Network Funding Application Form 2020-21
The Wellness Initiative Network (WIN) strives to foster medical student resiliency, mental health, and community by promoting awareness, integration, and collaboration of UBC MDUP wellness resources. WIN provides funding for clubs in the Wellness Network and events rooted in student well-being. The following application form helps us assess proposed events/initiatives for available funding.

Notes for this application:
• Please be as accurate as possible in your descriptions, estimates and requirements.
• Events are funded in preference to equipment/resources.

Thank you for your interest in applying for WIN funding! We look forward to hearing about your wellness initiative.
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Affiliated MUS Club (put N/A if not applicable) *
Title of event/initiative *
Description of event/initiative *
Appropriate theme(s) of the event/initiative *
The event/initiative’s goal for students’ well-being: *
Expected number of participants: *
Tentative date and time: *
Estimated costs: *
Amount requested from WIN: *
Detailed layout of complete budget - Outline the funding sources for each expenditure, including internal funds, sponsors, etc., highlighting the ones pending for WIN funding: *
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What is the main source of funding for your club?
When is the latest date you prefer to be contacted about your funding?
Support required from WIN team (if applicable):
Would you like to have your club/organization added to WIN's website?
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Would you like to have your event promoted on the UBC Medicine Wellness website?
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COVID-19 precautions need to be in effect for every event. Please describe how you will follow COVID-19 guidelines. *
Thank you for applying to WIN. A reminder that to be eligible for funding, please keep all the receipts for your expenses. Upon receiving the funding, please include an acknowledgement within the promotion of the event (eg. WIN logo) or during the event itself (eg. Oral acknowledgement.). In addition, if you would like to share photos of your event onto our website, please send them through our email ubc.med.win@gmail.com. (Please ensure consent from the individuals in taken photos have been acquired)
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