PolyColumbus Board of Directors Self-Nomination Form
Per our Mission Statement:

"PolyColumbus empowers individuals that either self-identify as polyamorous, open, or ethically non-monogamous, or are exploring such possibilities. We build community to provide a safe and inclusive place to not only be ourselves, but also meet like-minded individuals from all backgrounds. We advocate for the equal treatment of the ethically non-monogamous under law, and for broader societal acceptance of the same. We serve organizations with similar goals by documenting best practices and creating other resources for successfully running such an organization. Finally, we educate each other, allied organizations, and the broader community on what it means to be ethically non-monogamous."

PolyColumbus is governed by a board of directors, all of whom are volunteers. Vacancies on the board are filled by a vote of the current board of directors. All who are members of PolyColumbus are welcome to apply to be on the board by submitting this form.

Board members are required to:

1. Self-identify as polyamorous, open, ethically non-monogamous, and/or similar.

2. Reside or work in the geographic area served by PolyColumbus. Or attend events in the area from time to time.

3. Maintain a reasonably active role in the events put on by PolyColumbus.

4. Be willing to publicly identify, with their real name, as a board member of PolyColumbus. Public identification will include listing on our website and in administrative filings.

5. Provide a personal commitment of at least $100 per year to PolyColumbus' financial health. Most board members meet this commitment through a gift, although there are fundraising options.

Serving on the board of directors is not an honorary position. It requires active participation and is not for the faint of heart.

The following attributes make someone an even stronger candidate for our board:

* Adding to our diversity of life experiences and perspectives
* Being able to contribute financially above the $100 per year minimum
* Experience with board governance
* Demonstrated leadership abilities
* Being able to follow up on tasks with minimal reminders
* Ability and willingness to commit substantial hours to board service
* A pragmatic passion, e.g. "done is better than perfect"
* Public speaking experience
* Extensive personal experience practicing ethical non-monogamy
* Advanced degrees, professional licenses, and other credentials that signal the professionalism of our organization

We generally prefer at least one person on the board with these attributes/skills:

* Financial background (e.g. business degree)
* Fundraising experience
* Human resources experience
* Legal background (i.e. law degree)
* Web development background
* Organizational leadership experience
* Marketing / social media experience

We work with a variety of organizations; below is a representative list. Being connected to organizations like these makes someone an even stronger candidate for our board:

* Adventures in Sexuality
* Bi Local
* Humanist Community of Central Ohio
* National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
* Secular Student Alliance
* Stonewall Columbus
* Various national polyamory leadership networks (such as the PLN)
* Major polyamory groups / conference organizers across the country
* Businesses that cater to alternative lifestyles
* Bars, cafes, and other venues where we hold (or can hold) events

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What is your real name? *
We define "real name" as the name by which you are generally known outside of alt-sexuality communities. For many people it is their legal name, but for you it might be a nickname or a chosen name.
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What is your preferred email address? *
If you join the board, we'll issue you an @polycolumbus.org email address (if you don't already have one).
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Do you self-identify as polyamorous, open, ethically non-monogamous, and/or similar? *
Do you reside or work in either Franklin County or a surrounding county? *
The board currently meets in-person during the evening on the first Monday of the month. Are you available then? *
We meet from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at a restaurant in Clintonville that has a private room. Most board members eat dinner during the meeting.
Do you currently consider yourself to be active in PolyColumbus events? *
This is obviously subjective, so go with your gut.
Are you willing to publicly identify, with your real name, as a board member of PolyColumbus? *
Are you willing to provide a personal commitment of at least $250 per year to PolyColumbus' financial health? *
Board members joining mid-year are allowed to pro-rate their gift on the year if needed.
Why are you interested in serving on the PolyColumbus board of directors? *
Board service is hard. What drives your passion?
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We listed several attributes that make board members stronger. Of these, where are you strongest? *
Feel free to discuss several attributes if you'd like. This is your chance to shine!
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We listed several attributes that make board members stronger. Of these, where do you have the most room for improvement? *
Be honest. We're all experts at different things, which means we all have different areas to improve.
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Do you have connections with any of the organizations listed above or similar organizations? *
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PolyColumbus uses Slack for leadership coordination. Are you comfortable committing to using that platform? *
You can learn more at www.slack.com.
What else would you like the board to know as we consider your application? *
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Please Review and Affirm that The PolyColumbus Code of Conduct is the document that governs PolyColumbus Activities. (http://www.polycolumbus.org/pccms/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Community.Conduct.Policy.pdf) Please sign in the box below-- feel free to ask questions about the policy)
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