Blockchain Startups in The Netherlands
The Netherlands has an active start-up scene, also with regard to blockchain technology. Exciting projects are initiated continuously, but they often take place under the radar. Information is fragmented and hard to find. This way startups miss out on exposure. Governments, business and educational institutions do not have a good idea of ​​what is going on in the blockchain startup scene. This offers opportunity because the 'established' companies and the startups must reinforce each other in order to benefit optimally. Blockchain Netherlands (BCNL) has the ambition to grow into THE place where all information about Dutch blockchain startups can be found. We want to provide governments, businesses, NGOs, educational institutions and other stakeholders with the correct and complete information, while startups get the necessary exposure.

Blockchain Netherlands (BCNL) is, therefore, developing this platform (and reports) in collaboration with Fedaia Blockchain. The first phase consists of collecting the information. What blockchain startups are there and what are they doing?

Register your startup now! It's required that the startup is established/registered in the Netherlands.

If you have any questions, please contact or

Rudolf van Ee & Herman Nekkers
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