[PS4] [Stunt/Other] Community Verified + Broughy CC Streams GTA Race Tracks Submission Form
Submit ONE track only. Choose your best. This is where you can submit a track to "potentially" be played on a YouTube live stream showcasing the best racing circuit creations from the community.

This form is strictly for creations that are not regular circuit races on PS4, such as Rally, Stunt, Off-Road, Transform, Arena, etc. Use the other forms for other platforms or race types.

Only those tracks which gain enough positive votes from judges to become Community Verified will be played on streams, and you can see the scores your track gained as well as all other tracks submitted here once they've been tested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NsngDIzA_u5CDP_JfNTlNbc7kJyi9EWEv9ctD6A4q4w/edit#gid=1644764546

Simply fill out this form with all the required information and job is done. You won't be contacted any further but if your track does make it to be community verified then it will also be played on stream! Everything, from testing tracks to the order they're played, is done chronologically from the date they're submitted.

There aren't really any requirements for submitting your track - just be clear on what type of track it is when submitting the form. Anything that is mis-allocated in terms of track type won't be considered at all. One thing to point out is that if a track does not have capacity for 30 players it won't be considered for inclusion, unless it's listed as a themed or transform track. Also, long "Fred" style cannonball races are not eligible for inclusion to this program.

For more information regarding the rules, process, etc, check out this post which details everything you may need to know before submitting: http://broughy.com/communityverified

Of course being well made is an obvious necessity and if you're at all doubtful of what that means perhaps hold off on submitting until you've seen some examples of good tracks as we go through the live streams each week (or watch back some older streams to get some ideas: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx_tHjuVuROCP0k8Ixapte-Hw2gfZPaHE). You can also go to this Discord server for more resources and track creation help: https://invite.gg/cchub.

You will be able to submit another track in the future when this form is reset. Keep an eye on the streams to be notified when that happens and submissions are re-opened. During each submission wave you're only allowed to submit one track on each form.

Good luck!
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Basically the in game display name. What people see above/next to the track creator in GTA.
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