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Even though our company has been in business since 1982, we value all comments and are always seeking to improve what we do. We try to market our workshops to teachers of all grades levels and appreciate in advance your time in filling out this short survey and spreading the word to others!

FYI, the first Summercore was in 1985 and currently about 4,000 teachers and administrators have attended this 5 day workshop. The first iCore was in 2012 and currently about 400 people have attended this 2 day workshop. The first Online Courses were offered in Fall 2013 and currently about 125 people have taken one of these courses.

So thanks in advance for your time and words! Steve

p.s. Summercore trivia -- our first name in 1982 was The Teaching Company and this was our first flyer -- http://www.summercore33.com/images/TCflyer8182.pdf -- done on a dot matrix printer. I was 31 years old back in 1982 and did many workshops in the 1980s before the Internet changed the world. My hair was long and black back then. Here is a 15 minute tech workshop I did in 1985 at Revere Public School -- http://tinyurl.com/sb1985
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Overall comments or feedback about the course or workshop:
OPTIONAL but IMPORTANT --  your "word of mouth" comments are very helpful in getting others to sign up for workshops and convincing other schools of the value and importance of PD workshops. And any constructive comments are always appreciated in terms of how to make our program better.
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