ArcticForestMC Builder Application
Responses should be in complete sentences and go into detail.

Before applying for builder, consider if you have the qualifications and dedication to make a difference in the ArcticForestMC community.

We recommended that you
- are online daily after applying
- are regularly interacting with the community
- are in the official ArcticForestMC Discord server
- have at least 24 hours of playtime on the server
- have extensive knowledge of the server
- have past building experience

Applicants must have the settler rank to be accepted.
What would you like the build team to call you? *
What is your Minecraft IGN (in-game name)? *
Do not change your IGN.
What is your Discord username (include your tag)? Example: Username#0001 *
If we can not contact you, we will decline your application.
What is your age? *
In what country do you currently live? *
If your country has multiple timezones, please include your state/province/etc.
What is your time zone? *
What is your email? *
Gmail is preferred. We use this to share important documents.
Do you have a microphone? *
How long have you played Minecraft, and how well do you know your way around the game? *
(Minimum of four-hundred characters)
How well do you know your way around discord? *
(Minimum of two-hundred characters)
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