Bandsaw Safety Certification
Must pass with 100% accuracy to become band saw certified.
Name - First, Last *
Safety Glasses should be worn at all times when using the bandsaw *
Fingers should always remain 2 inches or more away from the blade *
Blade guides should be adjusted to 1/4 of an inch above work piece *
Push Sticks should be used to remove small scraps that might remain near the blade *
Make relief cuts when cutting sharp curves on the band saw *
There is no need to clean up your scraps when finished cutting *
Ease pressure as you near the end of a cut *
Do not attempt to cut small pieces on the band saw *
Never attempt to make adjustments to the saw while it is running *
Remain at the saw after finished until the blade stops moving *
Talking with others while using the saw is perfectly ok *
It is ok to use the band saw with the instructor out of the room as long as I am certified *
I should remain 3 feet away from someone using the bandsaw *
Never force material through the blade *
If you are unsure how to do something or whether or not you can cut a particular material on the bandsaw, you should not try it and ask the instructor first. *
a good way to decipher steel from aluminum is color or whether or not it is magnetic *
The band saw is capable of cutting a person even after the machine is turned off as long as the blade is still moving. *
Long sleeves and hair should be pulled back to avoid it coming in contact with the moving parts or the blade of the saw. *
The materials you can cut on the bandsaw are: *
Check all that apply
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