Furry Picnic 2017 - Custom Badge Request

As a preregistered Furry Picnic attendee, you are entitled to reserve a custom printed badge for pickup at the Furry Picnic! We've included a sample below to show you!

Please reply to this request ASAP, but no later than NOON on FRIDAY, June 2nd, 2017 with the following 2 items:

1) Your registered name
2) The email address you registered with
2) Your desired badge name (up to 40 characters)

Then click send!

We will then copy & paste your desired badge name into the badge printing app, and presto - your badge will be available for pick up at the Furry Picnic!

All badges must be reserved by NOON on FRIDAY, June 2nd, 2017. We cannot guarantee any additional badge printings submitted after the cutoff. We reserve the right to request a redo of badges that are racist, contain hate speech, or swears. Odd, strange, creepy, kinky, in-jokes – that’s fine enough, but most people choose their fursona or nickname.

Anyone not requesting a custom badge, or ot-the-door attendees are ineligible for preprinted badges – they will be given a blank hard plastic badge with a write-on label at the Picnic

It's that easy!

Furry Picnic Sample Badge from 2015
What is the legal name that you registered with? (Confidential, not on badge)
Your answer
What is the email address you registered with? (Confidential, not on badge)
Your answer
What would you like on your badge?
Your answer
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