VC STEMposium Day 5 Survey
June 28 Day 5
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Session Grade Level *
How comfortable are you asking probing questions to students in order to highlight the 3-dimensions of NGSS? *
Not at all comfortable, I don't see myself trying this next year
Extremely comfortable! I can't wait to see how it goes.
How much did participating in the science stations increase your comfort level with asking probing questions? *
0-I didn't experience any benefit from the kidSTREAM stations
5-Extremely helpful, I'm so glad we did it!
What is the most valuable thing you learned by interacting with the students today that you will apply to your teaching practice? *
(Feel free to list more than one if you feel inspired)
What could you have done in your planning or what could we have done to help better prepare you for the Kid STEM Day? *
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