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Eclectic Education is the brainchild of Tanysha Bolger; founder of Ezra Magazine and Eclectic Photography. She's a journalist and educator now based in Europe but was born and raised in South Australia. 

Her passion is education, photography and business. Eclectic Education has been almost three years in the making - a culmination of wanting to educate, teach and inspire others to develop skills and find their own passions in life. She has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of Teaching and has experience working as both a teacher and a journalist in regional South Australia.

Eclectic Education's goal is to develop an online education platform that gives your learning a purpose, project and practical skills to improve areas in your life. Whether you're looking to dip your toes in something new, are looking to scrub up your knowledge on computers or have some free time and want to explore; Eclectic Education is here.

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