Maryville Young Players - 2019 Registration
Hello! Welcome to the MYP 2019 Registration Form! We are SO THRILLED you will be joining us for MARY POPPINS JR.! Please fill out the form below, and then you'll be all set for an awesome summer of fun! See you soon!!! ~ The MYP Team
Student Registration Fee: $75.00
Registration for MYP is $75 for the first student in your family. Additional student registrations are $65.00 each. Please fill out a separate registration form for each student. Registration includes t-shirt, script, snacks, cast party, and lots of fun!
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Technical Position
Due to safety concerns, we only allow students entering into 6th grade or older to be on the tech crew (sound, lights, stage hands, etc.). Tech positions are LIMITED - thank you for understanding!
Does the student have any FOOD ALLERGIES or MEDICAL CONDITIONS we should be made aware of?
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Basic Clothing Size Information
This information is just to give our AWESOME wardrobe team a basic understanding of your kiddo's costume sizes. Just like in horse shoes, close counts!
Shirt Size
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Pants Waist
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Volunteer (optional)
Please indicate below if you are interested in helping out during camp. We don't have enough jobs for everyone, but please let us know if you're willing and we'll let you know!
Are you interested in an adult volunteer role?
If you would like to volunteer, which days would you be available?
Additional Comments (like if you have a cast request)
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Additional MYP T-Shirts (Optional)
Additional show T-shirts for parents, siblings, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, your softball team, etc. may be ordered for $15.00 each. Please indicate size and include payment with registration.
Extra Shirt #1
Extra Shirt #2
Camp Fees and Payment Method
If you have multiple students you may combine and make one payment!
Camp Fees for THIS student *
Payment Method
If not paying via PayPal, Mail your check or cash to: (If you are registering mulitple children you may combine payments)
Maryville Young Players
637 West Grant
Maryville, MO 64468
Please review all of your answers and SUBMIT!
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