Getting to Know You Survey 2019-2020 Thursday
Thank you so much for giving me a chance to get to know you a little bit. I am excited to get to know you more. If you would prefer to speak through these survey questions, please let me know.
What is your name? *
What would you like me, the teacher, to call you? *
Which section of English are you in? *
How many years have you been in the Oregon School District (If you are new - welcome!) *
Do you have a computer at home or access to a computer outside of school? *
Do you have access and time to use the internet outside of school? *
What's a favorite song of yours that I could play in our classroom? (It needs to be school appropriate, please) *
Describe a typical afternoon after school - do you have sports? Hobbies? Responsibilities? Adults around? Siblings? *
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