Pepperdine Night 2 Network Registration: Students

Want to connect with Pepperdine Alumni and learn about their lives after college? Attend a Night 2 Network hosted by the Student Alumni Organization (SAO)! Meet alumni who work in an industry that interests you and want to share their career experiences.

Also, learn some great tips from the Seaver College Career Center on how to network!

Students of all majors are welcome! And light refreshments will be provided.

Sign-up below if you are interested in this and we will email you once the event dates are set.

Expectations of Students:
Business Attire
Bring your resume and/or business cards. Alumni and/or the Career Center staff can view your resume and give you advice.
Come prepared with questions for the alumni.
Thank the alumni for volunteering their time to speak with you!

We hope you can join us at:

Night2Network: Communications
Location: Weisman Museum
Thursday, March 31, 2015 @ 7PM

Alumni Panel:

Jonathan Quello
Senior Account Executive at Disney Interactive, Alliances & Sponsorships
As Sr. Account Executive at Disney, Jonathan uncovers new business opportunities directly with Fortune 500 clients. His team helps brands engage audiences across digital and social platforms. Jonathan also spent time at as Digital Marketing expert at Adobe Systems and Silicon Valley Unicorn, Sprinklr, in global new business development. While at Pepperdine, Jonathan participated in SGA, PAC, Resident Advisor, Sigma Chi, Heidelberg Program, Lyon Program and The Office of Admission. He has since earned certificates in Digital Marketing from Columbia Business School and Social Media Marketing from Rutgers Business School.

Jonathan Edmundson
Production Manager at Disney Interactive, Video Content
Jonathan graduated from Pepperdine in 2012 with a major in Journalism and an emphasis on entertainment law. Currently working as a Production Manager at The Walt Disney Company focusing on developing the companies social media imprint online by developing and expanding the content team utilizing film production experience.
While going to school Jonathan had the opportunity to intern for NBCUniversal moving up the ranks to Producer. Realizing he learned the storytelling aspects, he decided to start back from the bottom learning the flow of money though a film production. Starting back at the bottom and rising though the ranks again now to Production Manager. Becoming a key member to developing online production companies like CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, and HBOGo. After mastering the online form, he set his sights on learning the structure of television and feature films. Now currently, finding a home at Disney Interactive.

Catherine McEvoy
Entertainment/Feig Entertainment & Media Law, Inc.
Catherine majored in Integrated Marketing and Communications and went on to get her law degree with an emphasis in Entertainment Transactional (from Loyola Law School). By creating relationships during her undergraduate internships in the entertainment industry, this helped her to establish connections in the legal and business affairs sectors as she pursued this area. By fostering all these relationships, she has developed a career working for many fun and interesting clients with a work life that fits her personality and allows her to enjoy what she does everyday.

Emily Cheng
Digital and Social Media Entertainment Marketing / AwesomenessTV
Since graduating from Pepperdine University (Seaver College, 13'), Emily has had extensive exposure and experience in the the field of social media marketing. With prior experience at Vans, Hurley and McBeard (co-founded by Pepperdine alums Alan Beard and Alec McNayr) she currently works at AwesomenessTV -- a subsidiary of Dreamworks and the Hearst Corporation. At ATV, Emily works alongside the Director of Marketing to leverage social media and traditional digital marketing efforts to raise awareness for ATV's original series airing on YouTube, YouTube Red, go90, Roku and more.

Courtney Price
Marketing/Advertising- Refinery29
Courtney graduated with a degree in Journalism from Pepperdine in 2010.

"I think like a handful of younger people, my work history is a little diverse. I've really started to settle into my career path in marketing in the past 4 years. I kind of happened upon my first job in the industry a few years back, but have really grown to understand the field and love what I do!"

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    What will Night 2 Network be like?

    The format for both Night 2 Network events is as follows: 6:40 PM: Doors open Sign-in at the registration table and pick-up your name tag and an alumni bio packet 6:45 PM: Alumni arrive 7:00 PM: Alumni Panel begins Alumni are seated at the front of the room at the panel table and they will introduce themselves. An SAO member will be moderating and will ask the first few questions to the alumni. Then students may ask questions to the alumni. We suggest that you prepare 1 question to ask the alumni. 7:20 PM: Alumni Panel ends; Seaver College Career Center gives a "Networking Tips" presentation 7:30 PM: Student-Alumni Networking begins! Alumni will move to different areas of the room and students will be put into groups. Each student group will go to their designated alumnus and have a chance to chat with them for up to 10 minutes. At the 10 minute mark each group will move the the next alumnus. Then after each group has had a chance to talk to each alumnus they may then go back to chatting with any alumnus that they choose. This allows time for more specific questions and real networking experiences. Think of it as speed dating, but it is speed networking! Prepare for the Night 2 Network by visiting the Seaver College Career Center! Check out the SAO Facebook Page to learn about the alumni guests! If you have any questions about the event, please contact: David Nguyen Vice President of Alumni Connections Student Alumni Organization: We look forward to seeing you!