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Send VICE Asia Your Pitches
Here at VICE we love getting pitches. But we get a lot. So here is some information on what makes a great piece of VICE content.

- Well-researched looks at under-reported issues that explore pertinent aspects of Asian society and subculture
- Reporting that takes takes you out from behind your desk. Got a cool idea? Show us! Don't rely on Google
- Original, honest and thought-provoking opinions on Asian culture and identity
- Unique angles on common stories and everyday events. Make us look at our own worlds in a new way
- Profiles on interesting local people. Key word is INTERESTING. Why does the world need to know about this person?
- Engaging personal essays and experiences. Tell us what makes your perspective so unique

Before you pitch ask yourself:
Who is this story for?
What is it giving the reader?
Has someone else written this article before?
Is this already a VICE article? VICE has been around for awhile. Check to make sure we haven’t covered the topic before.

Basically, pitch the content you'd want to read or watch.

Still think your idea is great? Answer the following questions and we'll get back to you if we agree.
Basic Information
Some formalities before we get to the good stuff.
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Where are you from? *
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If you've been published before, share some links to previous work:
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Your Ideas
Give us the lowdown on your ideas. This should be a clear and concise description that includes all relevant information, including plans on the treatment of your chosen topic. Remember that we need as much information as possible to make a decision that's well-thought-out.

The best news pitches provide access, characters and under-reported stories.

The best culture pitches shed light on an under-covered topic or offer an original or controversial opinion on an issue.

Never forget about the visual aspect. Will you be able to take photos? Tell us what sort of imagery you’ll have access to. You should be thinking about the hi-res images that’ll run with your story from the very beginning—our favourite writers often include photo ideas in their initial pitch.

Now it's time for your pitch - take it away.
Story Format (check all that apply) *
What is your story about?
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Why does this story matter? Why should we publish it on VICE Asia? *
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Why should you be the one telling this story? Can you provide visuals to back it up? If you have any particular access to sources, direct experience or special expertise, please explain:
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Include relevant links or references that support your ideas, if necessary:
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