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Hello! The PW board is always looking to better serve the artists that work in TF Green. We would love to hear and suggestions / criticism from people who have worked with PW / would like to work with PW in the future! This form is an anonymous outlet for sharing any thoughts you may have and the board will do our best to address them.
What has been your involvement with pw and T.F. Green in your time at Brown? Check all that apply.
What do you think would make PW a more inclusive community?
What would you like to see more of at PW? Check all that apply.
Would you like to share anything about your past interactions with board members / EPs (producers) who you may have worked with on past PW projects?
Would you like to share anything about past projects you have worked at PW and the positive / negative aspects of these experiences?
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Do you have any other thoughts / suggestions / criticism you want to share with the board?
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