Application - Maker-In-Residence
Use this application for consideration of the Maker-In-Residence program at the Johnson County Library MakerSpace. This program is funded through the Black & Veatch grant at the MakerSpace and administered by the Johnson County Library. Please submit by September 23, 2018.
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What kind of maker are you? *
Please tell us your area of making/crafting/expertise.
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Why do you want to be the Maker-In-Residence at Johnson County Library? *
Tell us more about why you're applying.
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When would you be available? *
This is a 4 month commitment. Please select all you would be interested in.
Do you/will you have work to display? *
If so please link to images/video/articles of your past work. You can also email images after you submit your application to
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If so, would you want to be included in a library art exhibition?
Please let us know if you would like your work to be exhibited in the Art in the Stacks program ( If so, please give examples of work you would want displayed.
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Can you envision ways the public would be engaged in your work? *
Please tell us how your work would engage and interest the public at large.
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Would you be available to spend 10 hours per week in the MakerSpace at the library? If so, what times would work best for you? How about weekends? *
For example, you could come in one whole day, or split into evenings/weekends.
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We're looking for people who want to hang out, geek out, and share their love for making. What are your thoughts about helping others with their projects? Teaching kids basic techniques? *
The public library is full of diverse and interesting patrons. Patrons may require assistance in many ways.
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Do you have ideas on programming or teaching opportunities you'd like to do at the library MakerSpace? *
You will be expected to do some kind of events and/or programming. How would that ideally look to you?
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What do you hope to get out of being a Maker-In-Residence? How will it help you take your work to the next level? *
Tell us what outcomes you're looking for. Fun? Networking? Promoting your work?
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