Bully Busters Report Form
We have developed a school wide program to bring awareness and prevention of bullying behaviors. There is a difference between bullying and being mean. Bullying is when there is an IMBALANCE OF POWER, the behavior is INTENTIONALLY HURTFUL, and REPEATED (3 or more times) over time.

There are 4 main types of bullying: Physical (using actions), Verbal (using words), Social (using other groups), and Cyber (using technology). Some ways of bullying are: name calling, writing nasty things about others, leaving someone out of activities, threatening, intimidation, bossing others, or using websites to bully.

Please let us know about any bullying that may be occurring in our school. We want to make sure our students feel safe. Your report will be investigated and promptly dealt with. If this is an emergency or needs immediate attention please contact your student's Principal or Counselor directly.

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