Student Voice 2017
Do you feel that you are informed of all school events?
Where do you find out about school events?
Do you attend school events? (Other than events that are mandatory to attend, such as rallies)
Which is your favorite event?
Why did you choose your event?
Your answer
Are there any events you would like to see here at school?
Your answer
Do you feel our school is spirited?
Do you attend class meetings regularly?
Do you feel safe at school?
If you answered "No" to the previous question, where do you feel unsafe on campus? (Optional)
Your answer
What measures can be taken to make our school a safer environment? (Optional)
Your answer
Do you feel that our school has a bad reputation?
If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, do you feel that our school deserves the reputation it has?
Your answer
Do you feel like you have a voice here at SJHS? (As in you can change the way things are, if need be)
Do you feel that your teachers have your best interests in mind?
Where do you get academic help if you need any?
Are you actively participating in any clubs?
What do you feel our school needs?
Your answer
Based on past events run by leadership, is there anything you think leadership could improve on?
Your answer
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