World Jam: Create unique worlds for your games
World Jams are a process of rapidly iterating on a World. We pick apart the process and pull out common themes, and things that are central to developing a well-rounded world. Once we have crafted this fairly general overview of a world, we take that world into the upcoming Game Jam and build from there.

More often than not the end result is a rough set of rules for how the world operates, and from these general rules we can create a game, or a system, that results in a game.

Intended Audience: You can be a complete beginner! If you have preformed game jam groups, do this workshop with the game jam in mind. If you are an artist, bring some sketching tools and materials!

Time: Friday, 13th of April, 15:15 at the IT University, Auditorium 4
Maximum number of attendees: 60
Duration: 120 minutes

In order to sign up for this workshop you need to have your own ticket to the Nordic Game Jam or to the Nordic Game Jam Developer Conference.

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