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Hello! This is the sign up form for INFLAME Catholic, an organization of young Catholics with the goal of providing a place for any Catholic youth to make their voices heard! If you don't know much about us yet, feel free to check out our website and social media links below and come back when you're ready!
We currently have four main teams, each with a different job:
→ Writing (Writes articles, poetry, etc. for the INFLAME website. Topics can be anything appropriate, but usually focus on Catholicism)
→ Editing (Edits articles from the writing team for grammatical consistency)
→ Social Media (Promotes other INFLAME teams or Catholicism through social media)
→ YouTube (Makes and publishes videos on YouTube)
If you're interested in any of these four things, INFLAME is the place for you! If you're not interested in these things, but want to start a new project for a different type of communication (such as visual art, music, poetry, programming, game design... anything!), let us know!
The INFLAME Catholic Team primarily communicates through a service called Discord. If you have a Discord account, great! If you don't, please make one now! We'll ask about it in the second section.
INFLAME website:
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