NKU Youth Symphony Orchestra Video Audition Form
Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the NKU Youth Symphony Orchestra! You may record your videos and save them in any format you choose (Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.). Then be sure to set them as viewable by anyone who has the link. Copy and paste the link in the spaces provided below. Please play 2 scales of your choice and a solo or excerpt that demonstrates your playing ability (1-2 minutes in length). These are non-priority seating auditions and based on section availability. Auditions will be accepted on a rolling basis to be considered for the first concert of the season.
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Both the auditioning student and parent/guardian have read the contents of the YSO Handbook (available at www.nku.edu/yso) and consent to its enforcement. We recognize the responsibility made to the YSO and promise to follow through to the best of our abilities. In addition, we have cross-checked YSO rehearsal and concert dates for the fall semester with our personal schedules, school band/orchestra schedules, Fall Breaks, sports schedules, and any other current commitments to ensure that YSO rehearsal and concert dates are a priority and will not be compromised. *
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