RnC Volunteer Application
Welcome to RnC's Volunteer applications! There is not a limit as to how many Volunteers can be accepted, and you will not be fighting against others for limited places. Players with previous warns/mutes/bans will also be considered, depending on the severity.

How Volunteers work:
You must have, and regularly use, Discord! This is essential as it is how we communicate with all who work with RnC.

You must be a regular player on the server. We need people who can routinely spend 4h+ each week online.

Responsibilities for this role can be found here; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hDnqk5XlXYxFcdZT3MojRminIBWIRqv1CbgvHRCpk6I/edit?usp=sharing

Training is provided to all who are accepted. Good Luck!
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