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GRIT Description: YWCA Missoula’s girl’s leadership program GUTS!, Girls Using Their Strengths, has launched a new program called GRIT, or Girls Representing in Trades. GRIT aims to engage, educate and empower young women to explore trade and skill-based work as attainable and feasible careers— anything from construction, to auto mechanics, to welding. GRIT teaches skilled trades to help girls identify their strengths, build confidence, develop their leadership skills, and challenge the stereotypes that exist within the trade culture.

GRIT Goals:
Use skilled trades to help girls identify their strengths, build confidence and develop leadership skills.
Connect young girls with mentors in trade based fields.
Connect adult women in the trades with one another and create a supportive network of trade professionals.
Challenge gender stereotypes and catalyze change in the trade culture.

Volunteer responsibilities:
The GRIT program focuses on the trades which include but are not limited to carpentry, welding and electrical with a renewable energy focus.
If the volunteers have skills in those fields, we would love their assistance in instructing at whatever level they are comfortable and confident with.
If the volunteers do not feel confident teaching specific skills, we are always seeking positive adult mentors to provide extra supervision and support for our participants.
Keeping a close eye on girls while using unfamiliar and often dangerous equipment.
Participate in a GRIT training prior to the beginning of instruction.
Be engaged and on time during all workshop dates unless coordinated otherwise with Margaret.
Create a supportive, respectful, open, comfortable, and fun learning environment.
Excellent communication with GRIT instructors, participants, other volunteers and GRIT staff.
Be positive and encouraging! It can be intimidating learning a new skill if things aren’t explained clearly and fully.
Please do your best to not assume they know certain tools or certain jargon around the equipment.
Always use inclusive language. Please avoid putting down men or other groups of people when trying to empower women.

Desired qualifications:
Experience working with youth.
Some knowledge of and/or interest in general gender-based social issues or specific gender-based issues within the trade culture.
Experience facilitating groups.

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It shall be the policy of the GUTS! and GRIT programs to conduct a criminal background check on all prospective employees and volunteers, ages 18 and older. I am willing to authorize a background check. If yes, Margaret will follow up with you. *
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