Louisiana Cemetery Report Form
Please use this form for NEW cemetery reports.

Cemetery Name
Please give us the current or most common name of the cemetery that you are reporting on. If the name unknown, the most common surname found in the cemetery can be used as a name. You may also use a road or community name if applicable. Please, if at all possible DO NOT submit the name as "Unknown" or "Unsure".
Other Cemetery Name
Please give us any other known current or previous names of the cemetery that you are reporting on. Please DO NOT submit the name as "Abandoned", "Unknown" or "Unsure" in this category.
Is the cemetery marked by a identifying sign or marker?
Street Address & Driving Directions *
If the cemetery resides on private property, such as a farm or business, please give us that address. In the event that there is not a street address assigned to the property that the cemetery is located on, please give us the name of the nearest street or road, or the route number.
Nearest City or Town
City or Town In the event that the cemetery is not located within the borders of a town or city, please list the nearest one, and approximately how far away it is from that location.
Parish *
Zip Code
GPS Coordinates
Current cemetery status could be best described as: Active Inactive Abandoned
Approximate overall physical size of cemetery: Small Medium Large
Cemetery Access
The road leading to the cemetery is public, privately owned or inaccessable
The cemetery is surrounded by: A continuous masonry or other type wall A broken masonry or other type wall A continuous fence A broken fence No wall or fence A hedge or row of trees or bushes The cemetery has: A gate that locks A gate that does not lock No gate
The cemetery is located in what type of community?
Date Cemetery Established
Please give us the date that the cemetery was first established. This may not necessarily be the date of the first recorded burial.
Approximate number of gravestones in cemetery:
Please include all known burials, both marked and unmarked in this cemetery.
Date of first internment:
From stone or records, enter the date of the FIRST known burial in this cemetery
Date of last internment:
From stone or records, enter the date of the MOST RECENT known burial in this cemetery.
Is there a currently existing cemetery association for this cemetery?
Yes No Unsure
Name of Cemetery Association or Organization
Is there an appearance of unmarked graves?
Depressions, footstones - but no headstones
Are there broken graves?
Are there toppled headstones?
Does the cemetery have signs of vegetation overgrowth?
Are there graves outside of the fence?
The cemetery is visited:
A few of the most common names at this cemetery.
Do cemetery records exist?
Do you have a current photograph of this cemetery?
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Date of cemetery visit
Has this cemetery been reported to local authorities?
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