Liberty & Chill Franchisee Application
Rules For Liberty & Chill Franchisees
The purpose of organizing a Liberty & Chill event is to foster an environment that is welcoming for new libertarians, longtime libertarians, and non-libertarians. We want folks interested in politics to meet each other face-to-face to make friends. Our Liberty & Chill events do not focus on political discussions, but it’s definitely not discouraged. The main goal of the organizer is to foster a comfortable place for non-political people to get involved in politics and the libertarian movement.

Franchisees and participants are to conduct themselves in a manner that does not reflect negatively on the We Are Libertarians brand, other libertarian groups, or the wider liberty movement. To this end, the following rules should be observed at Liberty & Chill events.

1. Liberty & Chill should not be a partisan event. Discussion of races will happen, and candidates are welcome, but a Liberty & Chill event should not be a campaign event.
2. Bad behaviour should not be tolerated. Organizers should dis-invite or bar individuals that behave in an abusive manner, or routinely fail to cover their tabs.
3. Document the event. Providing documentation of the Liberty & Chill event in the form of pictures, video, live-stream, or other form serves a very important function of advertising future events.
4. Bad behavior will not be tolerated. This is a fun and welcoming event.
5. Organizers of Liberty & Chill Events should uphold the ten principles of We Are Libertarians.
6. A stable, weekly event is the best for growth and attendance. (The Indianapolis Liberty & Chill has meet nearly every Friday at 5 p.m. in the same brewery for 4 months.)
7. Utilize tools such as Facebook and Eventbrite to maximize exposure, quickly share updates, and promote sharing of the event. A majority of your new attendees will be personal invites from other members, making the events easy to invite friends to will increase outreach.
8. Please make an Instagram account, with the password made available to Chris Spangle. Instagram is a great tool for discovery and helps familiarize new people to a group they may not have many ties to. Usernames should follow the formula of "L&CCityname".
9. Work with Chris Spangle and other We Are Libertarians page admins to coordinate branding assets, publish and promote your event, and insure that best practices are maintained.

We Are Libertarians reserves the right to alter these rules to accommodate unforeseen circumstances or for any other reason deemed necessary.

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