SolaceRO GM Hiring
SolaceRO is looking for GMs

We're looking for people who are passionate about pre-renewal RO and have vast knowledge in Ragnarok Online. And someone who can perform the responsibilities below:


1. Manage and moderate the server's Discord and Facebook Group
2. Assist players who are lost and have no idea what they're doing with their character
3. Help with Wiki management and content creation
4. Host events with co-gms (Discord, Facebook, In-game events)
5. Brainstorm with the team re. contents, updates, balancing, events and promos


1. Preferably someone from Southeast Asia or someone who can adjust to the server's timezone (GMT +8)
2. At least 18 years old
3. Can contribute a few hours of their time every day
4. Can fluently speak English
5. Being able to fluently speak Filipino, Malaysian or Indonesian is a plus
6. Must not be a current player of SolaceRO (we don't hire internally due to conflict of interest and high risk of corruption)
7. Can handle players' criticism and random shitstorms
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