Wanna learn Czech with Slowczech tutors?
Supééér, we are here for you! 🙂

We believe that learning Czech shouldn't be just following some grammar rules. We know that learning has to be fun! If you are ready to learn Czech with slowczech tutors, we are here for you. We are group of freelance tutors having the same view on the language learning and having a "friendly slowczech methods". All of us, we know each other. And Eliška trusts every single tutor that cooperates with slowczech. Because she has chosen to cooperate with them (and they are wonderful).

Currently, slowczech cooperates with 18 tutors.

Find the right tutor who will support you and guide you through the unsafe territory of Czech knedlíky, pivo and - of course - the language.

For that, just fill in the form below - in Czech or in English, as you wish. 🙂

As soon as we receive your request, Eliška will contact you by e-mail. It shouldn't take more than a couple of days. But if it does, promiň! It certainly doesn’t mean that she forgot about you, it might just mean that everyone is busy right now. So please, be patient. 🙂

Eliška & slowczech team

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