Dedicated Advising Survey for Students
Please complete this survey about your experience with your Dedicated Advisor for Spring 2017 so that we may better help you and future students by improving our Dedicated Advising Model.
1. Are you a dual enrolled/dual credit student? *
2. Where do you take most of your CBC classes? *
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3. Do you check your CBC email at least once a week?
4. Did your Faculty Advisor contact you by email?
5. Did your Faculty Advisor contact you about payment options for your tuition bill?
6. How many times did you meet with your Faculty Advisor ?
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7. How many times did your Faculty Advisor review your quarterly grades with you?
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8. What Success Support Services did your Faculty Advisor refer you to?
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9. Did your Faculty Advisor go over your College Plan with you?
10. Did your Faculty Advisor ask you about your short-term goals and help you create a plan to achieve them?
11. Did you achieve your short-term goals?
12. Did your Faculty Advisor recommend the amount of time you should be studying each week?
13. Did you discuss your GPA goal and how you will achieve it?
14. Did you achieve your GPA goal?
15. Did your Faculty Advisor help you with any of the following;
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