2020 Performer Application

The VPS is accepting expressions of interest from local artists who would like to perform at VPS festivals during the 2020 Pride Season (June-August).

We are seeking a variety of talent, including but not limited to:

Street performers and entertainers
Hosts / Emcees
Drag performers
Dance troupes
Spoken word
Children's performers / Family orientated performers
Acoustic performers
Interactive art (installations, dance lessons, participatory art)

Artists are encouraged to complete this form and forward any questions to office@vancouverpride.ca
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Please share at least 2 online samples of your work by placing the links below. Include video footage of your live performance if possible.
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The following questions assist us with our end of season reporting and are optional. Completing these questions or not doesn't impact your application.
Does at least one of the performers speak French, and are they willing to be interviewed by Francophone media?
Does at least one of the performers identify as First Nations or as having First Nations Heritage?
Performance Details
This section will cover the details of the performance
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Performers are required to submit a minimum of two examples of their work. If you do not have examples online, you can contact office@vancouverpride.ca to discuss other options.
The Vancouver Pride Society is a non profit organization and offers performer honorariums to reflect that status. As a performer with an interest in Pride, what is the anticipated compensation for your services? *
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If the VPS is unable to meet your above request, would you be open to discussing compensation? *
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