BoringDAO oPortal Listing Request
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1. What's your token name/symbol? (e.g., $BORING - BoringDAO) *
2. What's you official site URL? (e.g., *
3. Does your token have any rebase, auto burning or other unique mechanisms? *
4. Currently, your token has been deployed on *
5. Please select the chain/chains that your token has been deployed on *
6. Please provide the token contract for corresponding chain/chains (e.g., ETH - 0xbc19712feb3a26080ebf6f2f7849b417fdd792ca; BSC - 0xffeecbf8d7267757c2dc3d13d730e97e15bfdf7f) *
7. Please select the chain/chains that you want to deploy on *
8. Do you want to run validator nodes by yourself or leave it to BoringDAO? (BoringDAO can help you run validator nodes for free; if you choose to run it on your own, there will be an extra cost for you, e.g. purchase servers) *
9. When do you expect to list your token on the oPortal? *
10. Please share your contact info (e.g., Email/Telegram/Discord) *
Thank you for your time. We have received your request and will get back to you shortly.
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