Call for Presenters/Facilitators
DEVIANToronto is looking for people who are local to SW Ontario and who are able to teach/facilitate workshops and discussions on a variety of kink-related topics.

We would particularly like to encourage those who identify as POC, women, trans, non-binary, disabled, and/or queer to join our roster of people who we can call upon in our future planning.

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Not comfortable/qualified
Maybe / team teaching
Yes, and it's one of my preferred topics
Advanced needle play
Age play
Body image in kink
Bondage for sex
Boot blacking
Coming out kinky
Consensual non-consent
D/s relationships
Electrical play
Female dominance
Feminism and female submission
Finding/setting boundaries and limits
Fire play
Impact play
Kink for pain management
Knife play
Making room for marginalized community voices
Needle play
Non-verbal communication skills
Pain management, self-care, and aftercare
Parenting and kink
Pickup play
Planning long-term scenes
Race play
Restorative justice
Rope basics
Rope for larger bodies
Scarification / body modification
Scene negotiation
Unlearning privilege
Water torture / waterboarding
Wax play
Are there any other topics you can (or would like to) teach/facilitate?
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Do you have any compensation requirements that are non-negotiable?
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