Midwifery Skills Limited by Licensure
This inquiry is intended to survey the actual experiences of midwives who are currently practicing, or have previously practiced, in relation to being regulated, certified, or licensed. It is not intended to convey approval or disapproval but is a compilation of questions a group of midwives came up with. The group consisted of unregulated, licensed, and certified midwives. There was also input from consumers and others who work in the birth field.

I thank you for taking the time to answer these questions about your experiences. At some point, this survey may be made public. Please keep that in mind when answering. By taking this survey, you are giving your permission for your answers to be published. If you would be willing to be contacted for further questions or input, please leave your email address, or other contact information at the end. If you don't wish to be contacted, or want your answers to remain anonymous, do not leave your email address.

Thank you again.
Lindy Casey, CPM, LM

In what state or country are you practicing midwifery? *
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Do you feel you have autonomy to practice midwifery in your location? On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 meaning little or no autonomy, and 5 meaning full autonomy. *
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Are you regulated? *
What skills or procedures are you restricted by law from performing?
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What restrictions are imposed on your practice, such as who you can/not care for?
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What time restrictions, such as length of gestation/rupture/labor are imposed upon your practice?
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In your opinion and experience, what is the best thing about being licensed?
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In your opinion and experience what is the worst thing about being licensed?
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Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience of being unregulated, regulated or licensed?
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Would you be willing to talk with me further about your experiences and concerns with regulation and licensure? If so, please add your email address or other contact information.
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