Community Volunteer Form
Community involvement is essential to the success of any neighborhood. We encourage Homeowners to share their ideas by being involved in their community and express interest by volunteering to serve on a Committee or other volunteer position. Please fill in the information requested below and you will be contacted by another community volunteer.
Email Address
Please check the community activity you would be interested in volunteering your time and ideas.
See below for information concerning each committee.
Social Committee
The responsibility of the Social Committee is to assist the Board in the planning of social activities to promote community involvement for the benefit of all residents. Events may include community wide garage sales, assist with National Night Out, block parties, Holiday decorations, and other events.
Communications Committee
The responsibility of the Communications Committee is to form a network of communications among the entire Association, the Board, and Committees. This may include publications of a Community Newsletter, a Directory of Members, an internet web site, Community Alerts, or other forms of media.
Safety Committee
The responsibility of the Safety Committee is to advise and assist the Board in developing and carrying out programs to promote safety, deter speeding, crime prevention, organizing National Night Out Event, and Neighborhood Watch programs.
Park Committee
The responsibility of the Park Committee is to assist the Board in planning, developing, and executing projects to improve the community park and other green spaces. The Park Committee is a brand new committee formed by the new homeowner board.
Welcome Committee
The responsibility of the Welcome Committee is to assist the Board in welcoming new residents to the community. Traditional projects include but not limited to reviewing welcome letters sent by management, acquiring and packaging welcome baskets and information to new residents.
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