New Organic Farm Delivering to Cuttyhunk
Cluck & Trowel Farm is a newly established organic vegetable and poultry operation in Westport, MA. You farmers are Sarah Cogswell and Kate Levin. We offer Cuttyhunk residents and visitors weekly 'farm shares' of our organic products delivered to the island. A 'farm share' would include a variety of freshly picked seasonal organic vegetables including salad greens and herbs. (Optional organic egg share is extra.) Please take our survey to better assist as we plan our upcoming season! Please visit our website for more information at:
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Would you be interested to join a local organic farm share program that delivers to Cuttyhunk? *
How may we contact you? (NAME, EMAIL, PH.# and ADDRESS) *
Please indicate if this is a winter or summer residence.
Which seasonal fruit/vegetables are MOST desirable to you? *
Please check 5-7 of the MOST desirable.
Are there vegetable, fruit or herb items you'd like that we have not listed?
What size farm share would you be most likely to purchase? *
Share sizes are based on an individual who enjoys vegetables and cooking with fresh ingredients.
How many weeks are you likely to purchase a farm share? *
What time(s) of the year are you on island?
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Which method to you prefer to pay by? *
Would you be interested in an organic egg share option? *
Would you be interested in a local dairy option? (Yogurt and cheese, (cow milk)) *
32 oz plain cream-top yogurt; 1/2# soft cheese from an artisanal dairy producer in RI.
Would you be interested in ordering additional produce through our farm's online ordering system, to be delivered with your weekly share? *
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